2012-08-09 / Front Page

Concerns Expressed About Gas Lease Deductions


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Sounds like someone

Sounds like someone complaining they didn't get their welfare check this month.

Doug McClintoc, Please

Doug McClintoc, Please Explain Your this lease because my lease is completely different, let me see, is it because I got the BONER and you are in a position to screw the people you are standing up for? Your lease states that you get 17 percent of profits from your rights plus NO deductions for getting the crap to market? I suggest Bradford County Residents DEMAND ANSWERS This contract weas created in 2008, was it because YOU knew it was going to happen? Darlene M. Newton

One last comment! Unless

One last comment! Unless people voice their concerns and their anger nothing will change . The gas companies and the Politicians will destroy the heart of the American people unless we band together! WE NEED TO get rid of the evilness that pretend to help us! Get rid of the ones that line their pockets with OUR money, hard work and love for this county! Darlene M. Newton

Doug and Other Commisioners

Doug and Other Commisioners Answer our questions NOW! I would love to see his lease agreement! I guess I will do some research. I would suggest to Doug and other Commisioners if it is found to be true that YOUR leases are by far different than all the other landowners whom have been ROYALLY screwed I suggest they be terminated from their positions IMMEDIATLEY. They need to expalin WHY? For people to be telling or acting concerned over our well fare when they themselves benefit form the destruction of our homes, land and hard work, may they NOT sleep at night! As a tax paying citizen that has alwys paid my taxes , worked hard to help others, DEMAND to see the comissioners agreements with the GAS companies. Oh and were you part of the selfish greed that ripped good local people from their homes by charging ridiculous rents to incoming Americans leaving GOOD hardworking families homeless? I myself am a Landlord and I NEVER would lower myself to treating humans like trrash, kicking them out of their homes all for money! Doug were you one of these Americans whom did that too? Answer the Peoples questions we WANT answers! There you go Doung what does YOUR lease say? WE WANT ANSWERS NOW! Darlene M. Newton

Thank you to our great

Thank you to our great politicians and the gas companies, the landowners of Bradford County again are SCREWED. By allowing post productions to be minused from our royalty checks there is nothing left over but to pay the rest in taxes , again. Thank-you Local Politicians because this will impact this county in a very bad way. We own 34 acres and our checks have diminished to barely 1/3 what we were getting before the deductions. For you to think the Gas companies would not come up with some way to get around ths and charge the landowners..How niave or was is that you knew but had your pockets lined , we Americans are fed up! Take these gas wells and stick them up your butt, we have not only been screwed by he Politicians in the State Government , but our local politicians did the same thing to us! They turned on the middle class people who could finally pay their taxes. You stole our land from under our feet,you take, take, take, to fill your own pockets. Had I known then what I now now , never would I have ever signed over my land that I worked hard to earn. Greed and corruption seem to be running rampant in our Country and Bradford County is at the top of the list! Thank-You Politicians and of Course thank you Cheseapeake for destroying our County for the worst. Thank-you for stealing our money to line your pockets , what comes around will go around and eventually you will feel the pain when WE landowners cannot pay our bills. Thank-you! Darlene M. Newton

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