2017-04-13 / Front Page

Prison Board Rescinds 2014 Policy for Removal from Unofficial ‘Sanctuary County’ List

By Cain Chamberlin

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Some of what you say is true,

Some of what you say is true, joe, but all too often these places are being used for illegal activity. This article dealt with people being in jail and being here illegally and not having a safe place here to hide as I read it. We can argue stats all day long but if you are the unfortunate person who lost their loved one at the hands of an illegal, the stats don't mean a thing. I think most people feel that if a person wants to better themselves that's one thing. But do it right and legal. We already know eleven million are here illegally. Most are not criminals. But what are they taking away from Americans? So is that criminal? The way I look at it, if the person gets arrested, makes bail and is here illegally, if there is a detainer on them, they are out of here. We got enough problems of our own without them. And we sure as heck don't need to be providing them with safe places to avoid being sent back where they belong. I applaud the efforts of this county and the sheriff for doing everything they can to keep us safe.

With respect to your opinion,

With respect to your opinion, which is shared by many, I understand not wanting to add more problems, though this population adds precious few compared to the vast benefits they bring to our country and our communities - but please keep in mind - the US population growth, especially as the baby-boomers retire, cannot keep up with demand for workers so immigration is vital to the continued growth of our economy - it is most unfortunate that we let these hangups and misconceptions limit how Great America Can Be. Another important fact about immigration - the first generation usually does cost our society a little something, but all subsequent generations contribute and BIG TIME! (including almost all of us, whom at one point in time or another started out as immigrant families) [do you like Google? How about your iPhone? - brought to you by immigrants!!] We NEED immigrants, so we might as well adopt policies that allow immigration to happen in a positive and constructive way including a path to citizenship for all that contribute positively to our society, even if a (very) few of them have the occasional speeding ticket or other such minuscule offense. If we do not, other counties with comprehensive immigration policies will overtake us - our strength is and always has been our diversity! My (well researched) $.02, -Joe

As stated in this article:

As stated in this article: "Sanctuary cities and counties are where undocumented immigrants can live without being apprehended for being in the country illegally." - This is a VERY misleading and inaccurate definition when in fact Leaders of sanctuary cities want to reduce the fear of deportation and possible family break-up, so that such residents will be more willing to report crimes, use health and social services, and enroll their children in school. It also is an important part of State's Rights, separation of state and cities rights NOT to arbitrarily do the bidding (and job) of Federal Law Enforcement. Immigrants, regardless of their legal status or country of origin have a MUCH lower crime rate than native-born American's and pose significantly less risk to our communities than those that demonize them in the media would have us believe. -Joe

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