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School District Relocating Main Street Administration Office

Amy Girven

In what will bring a major change to downtown Wyalusing, the Wyalusing Area School Board unanimously approved a motion Monday night, authorizing the relocation of the administration offices from the current Main Street location to the Wyalusing Valley Elementary School (WVES).

In the motion, the board authorized Hunt Engineering to complete permit drawing services for the relocation of the administration offices at a cost of $5,000 and authorized the administration to complete the project, with a cost estimated not to exceed $56,000, to be paid for out of the Capital Reserve Fund.

A second approved motion authorized the administration to pursue the liquidation of the current District Administration Office building, upon completion of the relocation project, which District Superintendent Jason Bottiglieri hopes will be completed by the end of summer or early in the fall.

“If I know Bob (Brigham),” Bottiglieri joked, “he’ll be in the school swinging a hammer right after the final student has walked across the stage at graduation.”

Bottiglieri stated that from the feedback he has received from teachers, as well as some community members, people are excited about the move.

The relocation has been a topic of discussion amongst the Building and Grounds committee members, but just recently came to fruition enough to be presented to the full board for consideration.

Board member Gene Anne Woodruff commented that this relocation, “wouldn’t have been possible two or three years ago,” but feels that, “this is the perfect time,” for it to happen. Doug Eberlin agreed, citing the recent resurgence of Main Street, adding that the liquidation of the current administrative office would allow another new business to be added.

The new location for the administration office within WVES has already been determined, and the relocation proposal with Monday night’s agenda lays out the steps involved as well as the estimated costs, which come out at $55,985.

Under the current proposal, the WVES library would be moved up to the first floor from downstairs, and the current library space would be renovated to house the administration office.

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